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의료 분야에서 의료 기업과 병원은 혁신적인 system, 인공기관, 인체조직의 향상 및 개선을 위해 예전부터 CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering) solution을 채택해왔습니다.

ESI 는 실무자들의 기술과 추가
신체 부위에 대한을 이해를 향상시키기 위해 혈액 동역학 simulation 과제를 진행해왔습니다.



MIZUNO Corporation uses PAM-CRASH to improve sports footwear performances. MIZUNO has simulated the impact of a soccer player's shoe on a soccer ball in order to improve both speed and control. Read more...



BMW is experimenting the H-Model to optimize occupant protection in car crashes. BMW is carrying out scientific tests to study the response of both dummy and human models in side impact scenarios. Current investigations should greatly enhance future safety design for improved vehicle occupant security. Read more...

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