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 Solutions For Catia V5




 - Solutions For Catia V5



Die Design and manufacturing simulation solutions for metal forming fully integrated into CATIA V5

ESI Group은 PLM(Product Line Management) 환경 내에서의 프로그램 사용을 위해 CATIA 환경에서 사용 할 수 있는 제품 성형 가능성(Feasibility) 평가를 위한 PAM-TFA 와 금형/공법 설계를 할 수 있는 PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5를 개발하였습니다.

PAM-TFA for CATIA V5는 CATIA 환경 내에서 제품 데이터, 제품 물성, 두께 등을 이용 초기 판재 형상을 예측하여 제품의 초기 수율을 측정하고, 제품의 성형 가능성(Feasibility)을 평가 할 수 있는 ‘Inverse solver’ 입니다.

PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5는 CATIA 환경 내에서 제품 데이터로 부터 쉽고 빠르게 최적화 된 공법/금형 설계를 수행 할 수 있는 PAM-DAIEMAKER의 CATIA 버전 입니다. 여러 가지 CATIA function을 비롯하여 PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5의 기능들을 이용하여 설계자의 설계 의도대로 쉽고 빠르게 금형 설계를 수행 할 수 있습니다.

Key Benefits:
  Speed of die face design
  Quality of surfaces
  Data management
  Data consistency
  Engineering update
  Connection to simulation
  Upfront cost-estimation
  Early feasibility


“For SEAT’s Prototype Center of Development (CPD), the release of tools integrated into CATIA V5 such as PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5, allows a rapid and accurate development of die design. It is very valuable to be able to perform the appropriate geometrical changes and to have these evolutions simultaneously available for machining within CATIA.
This represents a tremendous advantage in terms of productivity as well as for the final quality of our design, giving us the opportunity to perform our work in a common environment during all process phases.”
Javier Diaz Martinez,
Manager of the Prototype Center of
Development (CPD), SEAT S.A.

Click here to view the PDF of CATIA Integrated Solutions for Sheet Metal Forming

" The simulation tool PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 gave us the opportunity to perform all the steps of our work in a single environment during all phases of the development process. This brought us more speed for our cost estimation analysis, with precise blank sizing and formability simulations. We are finally more competitive when we present an offer to our clients, having strong arguments with a quality guaranteed."
Vladimir B. Ferreira Jr.
Tech Center, Tower Automotive, Brasil


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