CRIPTE Multiconductor Transmission Lines (MTL)

When dealing with industrial realistic models, the analysis of a fully equipped automotive vehicle with its complete internal cable network leads to huge computer requirements when performed by one single 3D software tool. The total number of cables can easily exceed one thousand for new generation cars, trucks, tramways, buses, etc. Additional tools typically based on the Multi-conductor Transmission Line Theory have to be used in order to manage conducted phenomena on the Cable Network and specialized coupling procedures are proposed with PAM-CEM Solutions.
Based on the Electromagnetic Topology principle, the purpose of the CRIPTE software is the analysis of conducted phenomena on Cable Networks. Together with its specialized modules, LAPLACE aiming at evaluating Line parameters starting from the bundles’ cross section and RORQUAL for dedicated signal processing, the CRIPTE software tool is offering all capabilities for the management of sophisticated cable networks. Specialized interfaces, as the C3M module, are proposed as well, for an easy and user-friendly PAM-CEM coupling whatever the operating configuration. Within this framework, input data are managed through the PRE-CEM pre-processing module, while the stand-alone use of CRIPTE remains possible. CRIPTE capabilities include the management of realistic bundles featuring hundreds of wires, internal and terminal junctions, splices, sub-networks, shielded cables, frequency dependent lossy dielectric coatings, buried wires, and many more. The CRIPTE tool is continuously industrialized with the aim of optimizing the related computer resources when dealing with fully realistic networks exceeding one thousand cables.



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