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Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a longstanding manufacturing process of resin injection through fibrous reinforcements in a closed mold. It is a unique 3D solution which covers a wide range of manufacturing process simulation: Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Vacuum Assisted RTM (VARTM), and Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion (VARI).

Widely used in the composites and plastics industries, especially for structural thermoset matrix composite parts, RTM offers a great potential for creating structural components with high price/performance ratio.

PAM-RTM is a cost effective solution to simulate liquid composite molding. It minimizes the risk of producing defective parts and helps master tool design and manufacturing process. PAM-RTM provides rapid solutions for preliminary design, as well as refined calculations for process and mold optimization, and final design checking. Overall, PAM-RTM accelerates time to market while reducing costs related to the tooling and injection process.

PAM-RTM offers a great variety of validated processes and allows determining the best combination of resins and fibers.


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