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SYSPLY is an advanced software for designing, analyzing and optimizing composite material structures. Composites materials offer tremendous mechanical performance for reduced weight structures. However, the high cost and complexity of designing and manufacturing composites usually offset the benefit of using these materials.

With SYSPLY, engineers can easily compute the laminate properties of composites before manufacturing them through various processes such as filament winding, draping, etc... . Engineers get more insight into the knowledge of structural behavior both in static and dynamic analysis. Perfectly suited for time critical applications, SYSPLY helps accelerate the design process and decrease overall costs by reducing the material waste and the number of prototypes required.

The assessment of composite structures behavior must take into account the wide diversity of materials involved such as reinforced plastics, glass-polyester, carbon-epoxy, cellular or honeycomb core sandwiches, carbon-carbon composites… and their original mechanical characteristics (heterogeneity and anisotropy). SYSPLY's comprehensive material database facilitates laminate definition through a variety of 3D structure applications. It interactively computes the global equivalent mechanical properties of any stack of plies and help validate a composite part design with respect to stress/ply-failure and dynamic behavior.

Courtesy: Luca Olivari


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