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PAM-COMFORT simulation chain


승객과 seat의 디지털 모델을 사용하여, PAM-COMFORT는 seat의 설계에 있어서 복잡한 물리적인 성질과 접촉 조건에 따른 상세한 정보를 예측할 수 있습니다. 각 단계에서의 물리적인 정보(변형 형상, 응력 및 변형율)는 다양한 인체 형상과 seat에 대하여 보다 정밀한 계산을 하기 위해서 다음 단계의 입력 조건으로 사용될 수 있습니다.

PAM-COMFORT의 목표는 foam, cover, padding, suspension, lumbar system, 승객 안전 시스템 등 모든 seat 설계의 요소들을 포괄적으로 접목하여 완벽한 seat를 설계하는 데 있습니다.

    PAM-COMFORT takes into account the complex physics of materials,
    multiple contacts and time-dependent processes.

PAM-COMFORT features:
Finite Element Solvers (SMP/DMP) devoted to the simulation of:


The cushion manufacturing process (trimming): initial shape of the trim components and of the foam block (overbuilts), risk of wrinkles and bridging gaps, residual stresses inside the cushion and backset.
The occupant positioning process: prediction of the exact position of any dummy or human occupant (H-Point position, backset distance), and of some comfort-related mechanical parameters (seat pressure distribution, meat-to-metal clearance, lumbar support prominence). PAM-COMFORT v. 2009 is fully compatible with PAM-CRASH and can provide the exact initial conditions for crash simulations, related to the seat and the occupant (detailed seat model, seat deflection, exact position of the occupant, initial strains and stresses and interaction forces)
The transmission of the vehicle vibrations to the occupant through the seat: prediction of the seat transfer function.

A specific Graphical User Interface, highly dedicated to Virtual Seat Manufacturing and Testing, and handling all the stages of the simulation chain within a unified environment.

A library of occupants: dummies and human models, with positioning/scaling automated tools



"This simulation input can really be considered as an “ultra realistic” model, since it allows the simulation of the whole complex mechanical phenomena of the seat, the non-linearity of the materials, the large displacements of the cushion foam and springs, as well as the effect of the cover trimming”

Mr Jérôme Makala, Head of Comfort and Safety Research Department, Renault Group.


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