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Vom Bauteilkonzept zur Optimierung mechanischer Eigenschaften -
Berücksichtigung der Mikrostruktur und Gussfehler bei der Simulation von Guss und der Wärmebehandlung

By Ole Köser and Gael Couturier, Calcom ESI; Jiri Kovarik, MECAS ESI; Josef Barta, VITKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY.
(MCWASP 2009)

Casting Simulation Drives Component Development for HPDC
By Jurgen Kaltofen, Georg Fischer Automotive AG; Ole Koser, Calcom ESI; Adi Sholapurwalla, Sam Scott, ESI NA.

Influences of solidification lenght and pressure intensification on gas shrinkage microporosity in casting components
(Hommes & Fonderie, April 2009)

Simulation of Silicon Casting Process for Photovoltaic (PV) Application
(TMS 2009, San Francisco, CA, USA)

ProCAST & QuikCAST ayuda a JEGAN en la optimizacion del proceso de fundicion a alta presion
(Fundi Press, Diciembre 2008)

State Of The Art In Modelling Of Continuous Casting
By Olivier Ludwig, Marco Aloe, Philippe Thevoz – Calcom ESI SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
(6th European Conference on Continuous Casting, Italy, June 2008)

Grain Selection During Solidification In Spiral Grain Selector
By H.J. Dai1, J-C. Gebelin2, M. Newell2,3, R.C. Reed2, N.D’Souza3, P.D. Brown3, H.B. Dong1,3.
(1 Department of Engineering, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, UK, 2 Department of Materials, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK, 3 Rolls-Royce plc, P.O. Box 31, Derby, DE24 8BJ, UK)
Superalloys 2008

Modeling Microstructure, Mechanical Properties And Density Variation Of Cast Iron
Marco ALOE - ESI Group, Switzerland, Fernandon ANTON - ESI VTOS, Spain
(Tabira/IV Forum Técnico Internacional de fundicion, Spain, June 2007)

La deformazione dei collettori risolta con ProCAST
(Articolo Assofond 2006)

A Porosity Model For Multi-Gas Systems In Multi-Component Alloys
G. Couturier(1,2), J.-L. Desbiolles(1,2), M. Rappaz(1)
(1) Computational Materials Laboratory, School of Engineering,
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Station 12, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland (2) Calcom ESI, PSE-A, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
(MCWASP 2006, Nice, France)

Advanced Casting Simulations
By Marco Aloe, Dominique Lefebvre, Alfons Mackenbrock – ESI Group, France, Adi Sholapurwalla, Sam Scott - ESI NA, USA.
(High Tech Die Casting, Italy, 2006)

ProCAST mostra lo stress e la microstruttura di una ruota in lega
(Articolo Assofond Alumotive 2005, Ruota)

Numerical simulation of the protective gas electro slag remelting process and its industrial validation.

By A. Mackenbrock, V. Maronnier, O. Köser, from ESI Group, and W. Schützenhöfer , G. Reiter, R. Tanzer from Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & CoKG, Austria.
(Steelsim Conference, Graz, Austria, 2007)

By A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig , M. Wu from the University of Leoben (MUL), Austia; V. Maronnier, O. Köser, A. Mackenbrock from ESI Group, and W. Schutzenhofer, R. Tanzer from Böhler Edelstahl GmbH (BEG), Austria.
(LMPC Conference, Nancy, France, 2007)

By W. Schützenhöfer, G. Reiter, R. Rabitsch from Böhler Edelstahl GmbH  (BEG); A. Ludwig, A. Kharicha from University of Leober (MUL), Austria; M. Gäumann, V. Maronnier, A. Mackenbrock from ESI Group; H. Scholz, R. Sorci, F. Arcobello-Varlese, A. Carosi from Centro Svilluppo Materiali (CSM), Italy.
(TOOL7th, Turin, Italy, 2006)
By Arthur Camanho, ESI Group 
(CONAF 2007, September 2007)
By Jianzheng Guo and Mark T.Samonds, ESI Group 
(Proceedings of the 5th Decennial International Conference on Solidification Processing, Sheffield, July 2007)

By J.Guo and J.Z.Zhu, ESI Group 
(Proceedings of the 5th Decennial International Conference on Solidification Processing, Sheffield, July 2007)

By Ole Köser & Marco Aloe, ESI Group 
(Giesserei-Praxis, June 2007)
(Cast Metal & Diecasting Times, April-May 2007)
By Adi Sholapurwalla & Sam Scott , ESI Group 
Extrait d'une conférence présentée au Congrès de Fonderie de l'AFS en mars 2006
(Hommes & Fonderie, Mai 2007)
By Krishnan Venkatesan, Citation Corporation Novi, Michigan
(Die Casting Engineer, May 2007)
By Thomas Pyttel, Elke Lieven, Adi Sholapurwalla, Sam Scott & Ole Koeser, Esi Group
(Die Casting Engineer, January 2007)

By Ole Koeser & Marco Aloe, ESI Group - Lorenzo Valente, Ecotre SAS 
(Pressocolata & Tecniche Fusorie, December 2006)

By Adrian S.Sabau
( Mettalurgical and Materials Transactions B Volume 37B, February 2006)
Par Gilles Croisonnier, ESI Group
(Hommes & Fonderie, Décembre 2006)

Effect of Radiation Heat Transfer on Part Quality Prediction  
By Adi Sholapurwalla & Sam Scott, ESI Group

Why is the computer modelling needed in casting ? 
By Wojciech Kapturkiewicz, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland ( Przeglad Odlewnictwa, 2005)

Computer Simulation and Analysis of Investment Casting Process
By Dr S.Shamasundar et al, AFTC, Bangalore, India
And Mr D. Ramachandran et al, Texmo Precision Castings, Coimbatore, India

Property Prediction with macro micro-modeling and computational thermodynamics
By Jianzheng Guo, Mark T.Samonds

Gravity Die Casting Process - Die Design and Process Optimisation
By Dr Janagan, Ennore Foundries Limited, Chennai, India
And Dr S.Shamasundar et al, AFTC, Bangalore, India

Une productivité augmentée de 30%
By Nicolas Henchoz (Revue Technique Suisse, octobre 1994)

Heat Transfer Boundary conditions for the numerical simulation of the DC Casting process
By Adrian Sabau, Kazunori Kuwana, Srinath Viswanathan, Kozo Saito, and Lee Davis (Light Metals, 2004)

Shape prediction - simulation of dimensional changes in complex steel castings
By Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, Swedish Foundry Association

Simulation of Solidification Process Used in Twin Roll Casting
By Kemal Sarioglu of Assan Aluminium Works and Philippe Thévoz of Calcom ESI

Prédiction des Structures de Grains durant la Solidification Dirigée de Superalliages en Fonderie
By Serge Fargeas and Stéphane Fréchinet, of Snecma Motors (Matériaux, 2002)

Mould Fill Simulation to Improve the Quality of a Component
By Th. Imwinkelried, H. Homberger, of Alusuisse Technology and Management Ltd (Magnesium Industry, April 2001)

Die Herstellung von Gegossenen Profilwalzen
By Hartmut Polzin, of Walzengiesserei Coswig GmbH (Giesserei-Praxis, 2002)

CAE Techniques for Casting Optimisation
By Maria José Marques, of INEGI - Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica e Gestão Industrial

Application of Numerical Modelling in SSM Automotive Brake Calliper Castings
By <>N.Jahajeeah, R. Bruwer, O. Damn, L. Ivanchev, P. Rossouw, K. Sharma, of National Product Development Centre, CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa (Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Advanced Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites, Tsukuba, Japan, September 2002)

Engine Design Using State-of-the-art Tool
By Dr. Thomas Schuszter and Helmut Christl, of MAN B&W, Augsburg, Germany  (Man B&W Meeting of licensees Augsburg, 2002)



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