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logo SFM Sheffield Forgemasters uses ProCAST to design and manufacture the largest ingot ever made in the UK. Read more
DSB logo DSB EURO boosts its productivity with ProCAST and support from Mecas ESI. Read more

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Swerea SWECAST AB succeeds in developing thin-walled steel castings using ProCAST.
Read more


Umicore tunes the manufacturing process of a thin-walled zinc safety spool using ProCAST simulation software.
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Customer Testimonials:

"With ProCAST we got an efficient tool for checking and optimizing what our mold designers could only assume in the past. With our first simulation we were able to correct successfully the gating system of a problematic HPDC tool for an aluminum casting in an impressive way."
Jörg Lagemann, Engineering Manager, Alu Menziken Injecta Druckguss AG, Switzerland

"The simulation calculations carried out with ProCAST in sand casting were an extremely valuable help in order to obtain a low-cost and fault free first cast of cylinder crankcases in spheroidal iron."
Thomas Schuszter, Manager Process Engineering and Pattern Shop, MAN B&W Diesel AG, Germany

"ProCAST has been implemented in our company for a number of years. Its usage has demonstrated to be valuable in the design of dies for our low pressure die casting machines."
Michael Bader, Technical Manager, KWC AG Engineering, Switzerland

"All new castings are simulated with ProCAST before the first trials. The number of faulty castings was reduced since then."
Stefan Nelle, Research and Development Engineer, Walzengiesserei Coswig GmbH, Germany

"ProCAST is an extraordinary software when it comes to complex thin walled components."
Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, Technical Coordinator Casting Design, Swedish Foundry Association, Sweden

"We produce safety components for the automotive industry. It is therefore essential for us to guarantee metallurgical quality for all manufactured components while reducing development times. Since 1995, ProCAST has helped us meet these industrial requirements"
Marcello Boschini, Brembo, Italy

"To estimate the interfacial heat transfer coefficients, we conducted low pressure die casting and squeeze casting experiments. The measured cooling curves from thermocouple locations in the die and cavity agreed well with the ProCAST results."
Bob Pehlke, Professor, Dept of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Michigan, USA

"For several years, ProCAST has been used at Howmet for customer concurrent engineering, development of new components and optimization of our investment casting processes. ProCAST allows us to quickly optimize our gating systems in terms of filling and solidification. Simulation results are then stored in a technical database used by our product and process development department."
Loïc CALBA, CAD & Process Modelling Manager, Howmet S.A.S., France

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