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Integrated foot/ankle model

Simulations done on the ROBBY2 HARB model with a deformable right foot/ankle finite element model demonstrate the benefit of using modular modeling techniques. This mixed articulated rigid and deformable model was subjected to the sled test acceleration of a frontal impact under a simultaneously applied intrusion of the foot well. The simulation results demonstrate that expensive deformable parts can be successfully replaced by cost-saving overall articulated rigid body models.

Fully articulated spine

Whereas the spinal columns of the initial versions of the ROBBY models were articulated only at the extremities of the cervical spine (2 joints) and of the lumbar spine (2 more joints), the fully articulated spine is provided with alternating calibrated translational (tension/compression/shear) and rotational (flexion/extension/torsion) joints between each vertebra (12 translational and 12 rotational joints).

Combatant Protection

Military protection is a vast field of application for Biomechanics. The effects of weapons on the military combatant, helmet protection, chest impact, land mine protection, are examples of potentially life-saving applications.


Ergonomics deals with the conditions under which people can perform specified physical tasks. Ergonomics, in its simplest expression, deals with the feasibility and comfort of humans performing tasks of static load carrying. The ROBBY HARB model has been successful in ergonomics studies performed by ESI Group for the French military. In one of such studies, the optimal muscle tensions of the human arm for an equilibrium position under a simple static loading scenario was studied.

Clinical Applications

Clinical applications range from prostheses to organ surgery, including liver surgery, total knee replacement, cartilage replacement, total hip replacement.

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