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ESI가 제공하는 인체 해석 모델(numerical human body model)은 여러 분야의 사용자들의 요구에 맟추어 다양한 분야에서 탁월한 결과를 얻을 수 있는 최상의 솔루션입니다.
인체에 대한 실험이 불가능한 조건에서도 ESI의 인체 해석 모델은 만족스러운 시뮬레이션 결과를 보여 줍니다.
ESI의 인체 해석 모델을 통하여 생체 역학 prototype 제작, 인체 더미(dummy) 등의 다양한 조건에서의 인체 대체 모델을 구성할 할 수 있습니다.





Fully compatible within the ESI software suite: Biomechanics models can be plugged into PAM-CRASH, PAM-SAFE,
Intuitive graphical interface to easily access all the functionalities you need to set-up and position your model.
Precise functionalities for biomechanical applications. You can choose the most adapted functions to match
 the physics:
Contact Interface
Joint System
Ever more sophisticated algorithms will solve vibration problems in dynamic tests or address problems in static tests.
Save in calculation time thanks to our multi-tasked codes. This feature decreases CPU time by a factor of 10.


ESI offers two virtual families of human models: H-Model for industrial use and ROBBY for academical use. The families consist in 50th and 95th percentile male, 5th percentile female and child models. ESI also offers versions of the European Union supported HUMOS models.


H-Model Family
The baseline models are "Human Articulated Rigid Body" (HARB) models, where a rigid outer skin around an articulated rigid bone skeleton represents the body segments, connected to each other by various non-linear joint types. Soft contact models establish realistic interaction of the outer skin with the environment. The baseline models serve to capture the overall kinematics and kinetics of the human body in the studied events.


ROBBY Family
Refined and truly deformable finite element models are available for the head, neck, thorax, upper extremities and shoulder, abdomen, pelvis, lower extremities and ankle/foot parts, including a fully articulated spine, internal organs and active and passive muscle bars. The modular refined models can be substituted into the corresponding HARB baseline models for zooming in on the detailed behaviour of selected body parts.


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